New President & CEO Provides Keynote in Yuma

On March 8th, Tracey Benson, President & CEO of ABEC, provided the keynote address for the first Rural Educators Professional Development Event in Yuma County, hosted by the Yuma County School Superintendent’s Office, and the Arizona Department of Education. The ABEC Career & Exploration Development Project (ACED) supported teachers from ACED Project schools who participated in this professional development opportunity. “This event is really all about growing the future today. It is about you working on your own professional development and your own skills so that when you back into your classroom, you can grow that future for students who are in your classroom every day.” Benson said during her opening remarks. (Yuma Daily Sun, Mar 12, 2024). Initiatives like the Rural Educators Professional Development Event underscore the collective responsibility to invest in the growth and success of educators, acknowledging their pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of students’ lives and the future success of our communities. Over 77 teachers from around Yuma County participated in this event.