The ACED Project

ACED Project Design

It’s not just a plan; it’s a roadmap to a brighter future for Arizona students!

  • Equitable and inclusive of each student: Every student, regardless of background or circumstance, has a seat at the table.
  • Anchored in careers:  Ensures that every lesson, every assignment, is geared towards future success in a career.
  • Standards-based: Rigorous curriculum, ensuring that our students are prepared for whatever challenges they may face.
  • Grounded in experiential and hands-on learning: Learning by doing. That’s the philosophy behind the ACED Project Design. We know students learn best when they are engaged.
  • Integrated into the broader P-20 career development system: Is part of a larger ecosystem that supports students throughout their educational journey.
  • Includes intentional and meaningful employer engagement: The ACED Project Design partners with employers to provide students with meaningful opportunities to learn from professionals in their chosen field.
  • Involves dedicated instruction time: Ensures that instruction time is used wisely, with a focus on student growth.
  • Communicated effectively to students and their families: The ACED Project Design keeps students and their families informed every step of the way, so they know exactly what to expect and how to support their child’s education.
  • Focuses on student growth: Is designed to foster continuous growth and development in every student, so they can reach their full potential.

Together, these principles form the foundation of the ACED Project Design. It’s more than just a plan; it’s a promise to our students and our future.

ACED Project Application 

The ACED Application is a vital component!

  • Standards / Curriculum: We’re setting the bar high incorporating the AZ Career Literacy Standards, and the innovative ABEC Middle School Career Exploration Curriculum in Construction, Culinary Arts, Automotive Transportation, and Agri-Science.  Coming soon:  Public Safety-Law Enforcement. All tailor made for success.
  • Course / Activity Structure / Career Exploration: We’re not just talking theory. Students are supported with tools like Edge Factor and My Future AZ, giving students a real taste of what’s out there.
  • Experiential Learning: Through Project Based Learning and strong Business Partnerships, students are not just studying careers; they’re living them.
  • Teachers & Leaders: Behind every successful student is a dedicated teacher. The ACED Project invests in our educators through top-notch Professional Development opportunities and immersive Externships and Internships.
  • Data & Measurement: We don’t just hope for success; we measure it. The ACED Project relies on rigorous data analysis to ensure that every aspect, from curriculum to teacher training, is delivering results.

In short, the ACED Application isn’t just a tool; it’s a game-changer. It empowers students and supports teachers.

ACED Project Outcomes

• Awareness and exposure to a wide array of careers
• Increase self-awareness and begin to form potential career identity
• Develop employability skills
• Develop foundational technical skills as appropriate
• Position to make more informed educational choices
• Transition to high school with an actionable plan for next steps