• Equitable and inclusive of each student
• Anchored in careers
• Standards based
• Grounded in experiential and hands-on learning
• Integrated into the broader P-20 career development system
• Includes intentional and meaningful employer engagement
• Involves dedicated instruction time
• Communicated effectively to students and their families
• Focus on student growth


Standards / Curriculum Assessments

• AZ Career Literacy Standards
• Possible Futures Curriculum
• ACED Curriculum

Course / Activity Stucture / Career Exploration

• Edge Factor
• My Future AZ

Experiential Learning

• Project Based Learning
• Business Partnerships


Teachers & Leaders

• Professional Development
• Externships

Data & Measurement

• The ACED Project is guided by rigorous data analysis to ensure the effcacy of middle school career exploration activities, curriculum, industry support, teacher professional development, and on-line platforms.


• Awareness and exposure to a wide array of careers
• Increase self-awareness and begin to form potential career identity
• Develop employability skills
• Develop foundational technical skills as appropriate
• Position to make more informed educational choices
• Transition to high school with an actional plan for next steps