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The ACED Project facilitates business & education partnerships for the purpose of creating careerexploration opportunities for students that are linked to future economic and industry needs and expectations.

The ACED Project provides students with activities that lead to the discovery and nurturing of career aspirations and connection of education to the real world of work. Through this discovery, students are inspired and become their own best advocate as they transition into high school by utilizing a personal education and career action plan that identifies appropriate and rigorous coursework, and puts them onto a path to success.

Business partners participate in a program that provides a meaningful role in shaping career modules and activities that support students in recognizing and pursuing careerpathways that will help meet future economic and workforce demands.

Career Exploration Models are low-cost, flexible, organized, transparent and sustainable and excite middle school students about their education and future world of work. To date, the ACED Project has providedapproximately 7,366 middle school students with thousands of hours of career exploration activities. ACED assists in developing models that provide:

  • Collaboration with Business Partnerships to leverageexpertise and resourcesin providing career exploration activities that align current and future workforce needs.
  • Career Exploration Activities, opportunities, curriculum, and field trips customized to meet the needs of each school and the students they serve.
  • Professional Development that prepares teachersin implementing careerexploration software and/or curriculum.
  • Parent Engagement including parent meetings,surveys, information and activities.

You can support the ACED Project through:

An ACED sponsorship:

  • Platinum Sponsor $25,000
  • Gold Sponsor $10,000
  • Silver Sponsor $5,000
  • Copper Sponsor $2,500
  • Community Sponsor $1000
  • Supporting Sponsor $500

Sponsorships of $1000 or more include an ABEC membership. ABEC, a 501(c)(3), and its’ projects, are solely fundedthrough sponsorships, in-kind donationsand membership dues.

Provide classroom presentations and hands-on activities that support students in recognizing and pursuing careers that will help meet future economic and workforce demands in Arizona.

Serve on a statewide ACED leadership team.

Donate equipment or supplies to a district/school project.

Assist in integrating authentic industry tasks that lead to real world, hands-on activities conducted in classrooms or on school campuses.

Contact us to learn how you can support the ACED Project!